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RHL UPDATE as at 03.09.2020
RHL have moved offices and our new address is 5 Alexandra Terrace, Alexandra Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 3HU. As we are still largely working from home please email admin@rhl.org.uk with any enquiries. Thank you

RHL UPDATE as at 05.11.2020
As of 05/11/20 we have had to suspend our face to face classes according to government guidance. Most have been transferred to Zoom and the previous Zoom timetable of classes is continuing as usual. Please click here for an up-to-date timetable. For further details please email classes@rhl.org.uk

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RHL - Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation

"Pitched at right physical demand and carried out in a very amiable/agreeable atmosphere."

Our Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation classes are for people who are either recovering from heart problems or heart surgery. We offer safe and effective exercise under the guidance of a qualified B.A.C.R exercise professional (British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation) to help with your long term maintenance of physical activity or lifestyle change. You can join at any time as our classes run throughout the year, but a medical referral is always required.

Following completion of the NHS Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation programme, you can be referred to continue into our Phase IV programme. This is a weekly, circuit-style class that is not held in a gym, and which you can continue to attend for as long as you wish.

Alternatively your doctor may be able to refer you to our class if you have any of the following conditions:

Post heart attack

Post bypass (CABG)

Post coronary angioplasty

Post transplant

Post valve replacement

Stable angina

Permanent pacemaker

Post I C D

Unfortunately, we cannot accept people who have:

Unstable angina

High resting heart rate (above 100bpm)

Erratic/uncontrollable heart rate Unstable or acute heart failure
Unstable diabetes Recent blood clot
High blood pressure (over 180/100mmHG) Uncontrollable hypertension

"Thank you for providing the above service. It is exactly what we need"

What is the class like?
Unlike other Phase IV classes, ours is not held in a gym. You will be exercising with a small group of people who have all experienced similar health problems.

At your first session, the instructor will assess your medical condition and will agree an individual exercise plan with you, taking into account the medical referral form that you bring from your Phase III programme or your referral from your GP.

At each subsequent session, the instructor will monitor your progress and modify your exercise plan to reflect your improvements.

During the class you will move around a circuit in the room, performing different exercises and using different items of equipment as you go.

Each session lasts 1.5 hours, and includes warm up and cool down exercises and stretches as well as the circuits.

What should I bring to class and what should I wear?

You do not need to bring any equipment with you. We recommend that you wear exercise clothing shorts or track suit bottoms and a tee shirt are fine, and you should also wear trainers. Bring water to drink, and you may want to bring a small towel - be prepared to get hot and sweaty!

"No improvement necessary. I am happy with the activity provided. From my point of view, everything is very good."

Please click here to view our latest class timetable.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like to book onto a class.


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